Automates entry of purchase bills, cash receipts and sales invoices.


Automatically extract the important data from purchase bills & receipts or sales invoices. The data can be easily sent into your QuickBooks account. Accountants, bookkeepers, business owners - say goodbye to manual data entry forever!

Automated data capture

Datamolino captures all important financial details required for QuickBooks. You can also capture line item details (on Detailed user plans). Datamolino will capture the net, tax and TOTAL values and let you split the transaction into multiple tax rates where necessary.

Automated bookkeeping

Datamolino learns how you code your items. It will suggest the correct coding for suppliers that you have previously processed. You can adjust any details before you send your data to QuickBooks.

Multiple companies on one subscription

You can create multiple Folders in Datamolino and connect each to a different QuickBooks company. There are no extra fees associated with having multiple users and companies under one subscription.

Effortless processing

Once your data is ready, it is easy to review and send to QuickBooks. There is also full-text search to help you find anything. Datamolino detects duplicates and makes it really easy to keep your books in order!

Automated data capture
Automated bookkeeping
Multiple companies on one subscription
Effortless processing



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Pricing is usage based. No fees for users or number of connected companies. Free trial - no credit card required. Request free training in our in-app chat!

Standard plan (most popular) From USD 17 (includes 50 docs). Extra documents for USD 0.33 (per document fee) 999 Submit purchase bills, receipts or sales invoices through web, email or mobile app. --- Invite your colleagues or clients. --- Datamolino captures invoice data including invoice description. Send the data + scan to QuickBooks.
Detailed plan - includes invoice line items From USD 25 (includes 50 docs). Extra documents for USD 0.45 (per document fee) 999 All the features of Standard plan plus LINE ITEMS data capture.
Start plan free - limited to 10 document per month 1 Starter plan for micro firms. Give it a go

Use our in-app chat or email Where necessary, we can get on the phone or share screens online to get you out of trouble! Our median response to support tickets is under 5 minutes during UK business hours.


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Can I try Datamolino before I purchase?
Yes. That is the best way to start. There is a free trial and our team is happy to give you free training to get you started without any hassle!
How does your service work?
Submit your purchase bills and cash receipts (or sales invoices) through web, email or mobile app. Datamolino captures the important data from your scanned bills (supplier name, invoice number, issue date, due date, TOTAL, invoice description and invoice line items (on Detailed user plan). You can submit multiple bills scanned in one PDF. Once your data is ready, you can transfer your transactions to Quickbooks.
How long does the data extraction take?
Our service first "learns" how to read your documents. For the documents where the data extraction can be automated, we create a fingerprint. After the initial setup, these documents are ready within minutes. Some documents cannot be automated in this way - here we use trained operators to capture the data for you. This may take up to 24 hours, usually it is faster.
Can someone show me how to use the app?
YES. You can get free training. Just ask for it through our in-app chat. It takes maximum 15 minutes to get started!