DAVO Sales Tax

The only automated sales tax solution with daily cash management.

Key benefits

  • DAVO Sales Tax solves the number one problem small to mid-sized merchants face – having the funds available when it is time to pay. DAVO’s patented process automatically collects the sales tax daily and files and pays in full and on time when due.
  • DAVO Sales Tax is geared to small to mid-sized brick and mortar merchants using QuickBooks Online invoices. It is not yet appropriate for an eCommerce merchant or a merchant that operates in multiple tax code locations.

How it works with QuickBooks

During sign up, DAVO Sales Tax will ask for permission to read your sales and tax data. After sign up, DAVO Sales Tax will periodically access your QuickBooks invoices (several times each day) to determine the daily net sales tax collected and sales and returns data at each configured tax rate. DAVO then impounds the net sales tax on a daily basis via ACH to your bank account. As appropriate for your situation, DAVO will file your sales tax return with your State and pay the sales tax due to your State from the funds impounded daily.


DAVO Sales Tax automatically collects sales tax daily. Integrated with QuickBooks Online, it sets aside the sales tax collected and holds it safe and secure. DAVO Sales Tax files and pays sales tax for you every month, in full and on time.

For just $39.99 per month, DAVO Sales Tax will collect, file and pay your sales tax. And the first month is free.

Standard 39.99 1 For just $39.99 per month, DAVO Sales Tax will collect, file and pay your sales tax. And the first month is free. There is no long term contract, no boarding fee and no cancellation fee.

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When does DAVO Sales Tax collect my sales tax?
DAVO collects on a daily basis. DAVO fulfills your legal obligations daily; keeping sales tax revenue separate and secure from your general operating funds. We ensure the funds are always available when DAVO remits sales tax revenues to the state.
When will DAVO Sales Tax begin collecting my sales tax?
DAVO will begin collecting your sales tax on the first calendar day of the month after you sign up. For example, if you sign up on March 15th, DAVO will begin collecting on April 1st.
Tell me about state-based discounts and rebates?
In 28 States, filing and paying ontime results in a discount or rebate which in many cases actually makes DAVO essentially free of charge as all discounts and rebates are passed back to you.
How does DAVO Sales Tax collect the funds to pay my sales tax?
DAVO initiates an ACH debit notice to your designated bank account for the amount of the sales tax you collect on a daily basis. These funds are then used to pay your State Taxation agency on your behalf. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further clarification if necessary.