Deluxe eChecks

Send eChecks seamlessly through QuickBooks Online

Key benefits

  • Fast, Easy & Secure – all you need to send an eCheck is the recipient's email address. Our patented technology uses a secure platform and a unique delivery method to ensure the highest degree of fraud protection.
  • Hard & Soft Cost Reduction – online payments eliminate the need for paper checks, printing, mailing, handling and tracking.
  • eChecks integrate seamlessly with most accounting packages, so there's no interruption of check issuers’ normal workflow.

How it works with QuickBooks

Once you've established both a QuickBooks Online and Deluxe eChecks account, link your QuickBooks Online bank account(s) to your eChecks checking account(s) quickly with our complementary Deluxe eChecks QuickBooks Online add-on. This one-time set-up requires less than 10 minutes. Then, you simply add email addresses to any vendors you want to pay with eChecks. Once set up is complete, all QuickBooks Online users with access to your company accounts can send eChecks in addition to printed checks.


Deluxe eChecks are just that. Checks. They're not EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or ACH (Automatic Clearing House), and they're not Online Bill Pay. They're simply everything paper checks are, except for one big difference — they're delivered with the speed and convenience of email. For more details on integrating eChecks into QuickBooks Online, visit our website.



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Deluxe eChecks: Payments delivered with the speed of email.

eChecks for QuickBooks Online As low as 49¢ each N/A Add-on app is free, but user must have purchased eChecks for their Deluxe eChecks checking account

Online support:


What versions of QuickBooks Online work with the Add-on?
• Deluxe offers two eChecks add-ons: one for QuickBooks Online and one for QuickBooks Desktop (compatible with versions 2010 and newer, on Windows 7 and newer).
• No additional software or technology is required.
How easy is the set-up process?
• The one-time set-up takes about 5 minutes. A Set Up Guide gives step-by-step instructions to link QuickBooks bank accounts to eChecks checking accounts. • Once done, your QuickBooks users can send eChecks as well as paper checks from within QuickBooks. • Note: the person linking the QuickBooks and eCheck accounts needs proper permission. They must be both an Administrator on the QuickBooks Online company file(s) as well as the Owner of the eChecks checking account(s).
How do I send Deluxe eChecks through QuickBooks Online once the app has linked the accounts?
• Add email addresses to your vendor records
• When adding a check for Bill Payment, use a QuickBooks Online bank account linked with eChecks
• Select the Print Later box
• Hit SAVE
No printing, signing or mailing. Your eCheck payments are processed and delivered in minutes rather than days.
What if I need help or have questions?
• Visit our website for details on the eChecks QuickBooks Online Add-ons
• We have several FAQs designed to answer the most commonly asked questions.
• If you need additional help, call 800.781.0509 and speak to a customer support representative who specializes in helping businesses like yours connect their QuickBooks Online accounts with eChecks.