Employee Scheduling and Time tracking with easy QuickBooks integration


All-in-one cloud based Employee management software. Manage Schedules and Timesheets with seamless QuickBooks Online integration. Manage overtime, fatigue, tasks, communication & staff KPI's. Free 30 day trial when you signup!

All-In-One Employee Scheduling

Deputy's intelligent scheduling capabilities ensures you schedule the right person every time. Verify availability, fatigue, cost, weather and sales demand with our forecasts to save on staffing. Notify your staff of their shifts via SMS, email or the Deputy mobile app.

Timesheets with clock in/out

Timesheets are created automatically when employees start and end their shifts with Deputy Kiosk or Smartphones. Using our in-built geo-location or face-detection technology you can also see where your people have started and stopped their shifts. Seamlessly transfer time sheets to QuickBooks for payroll and time billing.

Mobile - Manage time and attendance across web and mobile

Our free mobile apps let you see what's going on at your workplace even when you can't be there in person. Perform actions such as finding replacements, assigning tasks and writing performance journals. Manage your whole team from your pocket.

Performance Reviews & Task Management

Keep records on who's doing well and who needs your help. Deputy’s journaling solution allows you to note down those daily moments quickly. Task Management has never been easier, require confirmation that a task has been done or post information for everyone in the news feed.

Reports give a complete business overview

Report widgets point out any irregularities that might occur in your business each week. See exactly where your employees have started or ended a shift on a map. Determine the variance between the total hours scheduled and total time actually worked. See an overview of your staff's performance and see all their upcoming availability and leave requests.

Deputy Kiosk for iPad

Deputy Kiosk is a great way to allow your employees to start and stop their shifts from an iPad located at your workplace. Employees can also make announcements, apply for leave, update their available hours and create, complete and assign tasks. It's a complete employee self service solution and it's free to download!

All-In-One Employee Scheduling
Timesheets with clock in/out
Mobile - Manage time and attendance across web and mobile
Performance Reviews & Task Management
Reports give a complete business overview
Deputy Kiosk for iPad



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Starts at only $1 per employee per week. Billed Monthly with no minimum fee. No setup costs. No contracts. No charge for terminated employees. Free iOS and Android apps.

Premium $3 per employee 1000 Ideal for businesses with fixed workforce
Flexi $1.50 per working employee per week 999 No matter how many employees you have, you will only pay for those who end up working. Ideal for seasonal workforce with varied number of employees. E.g. catering, agriculture etc.

24x7 online support via chats, help site and videos. Watch our online videos:


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How long does it take to setup?
Just minutes. No phone call, no training required. It’s really easy and intuitive to use. You can sign up right now for a 30 day FREE trial. No credit card required. You can even import all your employees from QuickBooks online in one click! Or upload a CSV file with their details
How do my employee’s clock in/out?
As an administrator of the system, you can chose who can use what for clocking in/out. Employees can use desktop web browser for clocking in/out. Or use their own mobile devices which will geo-locate their position. Ideal for security guards, home carers, trades people. Or use the iPad Kiosk app which verifies employee presence with face detection. Ideal for restaurants, shops or any fixed place of work
How does it integrate with QuickBooks Online?
Really simple! Just export timesheets from Deputy and choose QuickBooks. Deputy will automatically allocate time sheets to the right employee with item codes and customer matching. It will even do Saturday/Sunday/public holiday billing rates for time billing. See help guide here:
What else does Deputy Integrate with?
Deputy integrates with wide range of packages like Vend, Kounta, Square and Revel Point of Sale system to pull sales prediction and map it against scheduling budgets. It also integrates with Google Apps, Gmail, Facebook, Meldium password manager etc.