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Key benefits

  • Track Time from Anywhere.With Time Tracker by eBillity your team can track time from anywhere, even offline! Every account includes web access (desktop) and free apps for iOS and Android.
  • Unique Time Tracking. Just like you, your business is unique so we made our time tracking unique too! We know “one size fits all” is a myth which is why we created options based on why you track time – for payroll OR billing?
  • Time is Money.With Time Tracker you can save up to 10+ hours a month in administration just by automating your teams time tracking. Connect and sync with QuickBooks and say goodbye to manual timesheets and data entry.

How it works with QuickBooks

As a QuickBooks customer you already have access to a world-class product but what about capturing your teams time more simply?

When you connect your QuickBooks account with Time Tracker you're able to sync your data so the two accounts work together like one – saving time, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

Time Tracker by eBillity was voted a top-rated app by Intuit customers and it's a Pro-Advisors 'Top Pick' with over 1000+ Intuit reviews. To learn more about Time Tracker for QuickBooks visit our website https://www.ebillity.com


Time Tracker automates employee time tracking to improve efficiency and increase productivity, but what makes our app different is how we designed it. Sure we have all the features like; timesheets, GPS tracking, admin approvals, real-time reports, and a seamless integration with QuickBooks, but we also offer timers OR time cards.

Time cards are great for payroll; clock in/out, take breaks, automatically calculate OT and set time rounding (up or down) – there's also a kiosk app.

Timers are ideal for billing; capture every second worked for accurate billing in just one click, track time against clients and activities.



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Save 20% when you sign up for an annual plan!

Time Tracker $4 per users + $8 per month/annual billing (discount applied) | $5 per user + $10 base fee/per month. 1 Every account includes: free mobile apps, time cards (default), timesheets, GPS tracking, time clock kiosk, admin approvals, real-time live reports, free QuickBooks integration
Time Tracker for ProAdvisors FREE 1 ProAdvisors receive a free lifetime account and a 20% commission. Check out our website for more details.
Time Tracker +Billing $8 per user + $16 per month/annual billing (discount applied) | $10 per user + $20 base fee/per month. 1 Every account includes: free mobile apps, timers (default), timesheets, Geolocation tracking, daily time entries, admin approvals, expense tracking, invoicing, client portal, Stripe integration, real-time live reports, free QuickBooks integration

Live chat support is available Monday to Friday EST, 24 hours per day. Phone support is available from Mon-Thurs from 9am-6pm EST and Friday from 9am-4:30pm EST. Or, attend a <a href="https://www.ebillity.com/contact-us/>free training webinar.


Online support:


If I connect Time Tracker to QuickBooks, what information is synced?
Small and medium sized business use Time Tracker to make time entries, which are synced with QuickBooks when the admin approves the entries. Approved hours created in Time Tracker sync back into QuickBooks. Customers, employees, vendors, service items, classes, payroll items, and hours created in QuickBooks all sync into Time Tracker. Learn the specifics and view the sync table at eBillity.com/quickbooks
How do I choose between timers and time cards?
Time cards are the default setting for Time Tracker, +Billing and +Legal default to Timers. To switch between timers and time cards login to your Time Tracker account. From the navigation go to ADMIN > SETTINGS > TIME TRACKING METHOD and 'Switch to <....>' Both new and existing eBillity customers have the choice between timers OR time cards (you can only use one OR the other you cannot have both). The default is managed by the administrator and can be changed at any time for all users.
What if I need help? Do I have to pay for support?
Free support is available for every Time Tracker user, including free trial users! Visit ebillity.com/contact-us to get instant help via live chat, phone or email. You can also attend free training webinars or take advantage of our popular concierge service to get your account up and running smoothly.
Is my data secure with eBillity’s Time Tracker? What happens to my data if I cancel my account?
Data is secured and private with 128-bit encryption and daily backups to an Amazon S3 server with full redundancy. Sensitive customer information stays confidential with role-based access rights. Before you cancel your Time Tracker account be sure to sync your data back to QuickBooks. This way your time and expense data will be saved in QuickBooks and won’t be lost when you cancel.