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Easy time and expense tracking built for teams.


Track your team’s hours and expenses and instantly sync approved timesheets to QuickBooks for billing & payroll. Start a live chat to learn more.

Track Time From Anywhere.

The office, coffee shops, your comfy yoga pants. Time Tracker connects seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. With Time Tracker, you can track time and expenses from anywhere, approve your employee timesheets, and sync to QuickBooks for billing & payroll. You'll spend less time hunting down employee timesheets and you’ll be able to quickly create invoices and process payroll in QuickBooks—we've already synced over 607 million hours! It's simple to set up and easy to use.

Employees Track. You Approve.

Your employees and suppliers will be able to track time and expenses from any location. They submit their timesheets and expenses for approval. Once submitted, an admin (typically the boss or manager) gets to review employee timesheets. The admin can edit entries, reject them, or ask an employee to resubmit.

Sync Approved Entries to QuickBooks.

Admins (typically the boss or manager) approve time and expense entries before they sync to QuickBooks. Once an admin approves the entries, they sync to QuickBooks for invoicing, reports, and payroll. Save 10+ hours each month in manual billing and payroll entries!

It’s Easy to Generate Invoices with +Billing.

Employee time and expense entries can also be used for client invoicing. Upgrade to Time Tracker +Billing to generate professional, customisable invoices right inside Time Tracker. Creating a branded invoice only takes 4 clicks from start to finish! Your secure client portal allows your customers to view and pay invoices online.

Time Tracking for Law Firms with +Legal.

Upgrade to Time Tracker +Legal for access to a suite of legal features including invoicing, trust accounting, detailed audit logs, ABA codes, and conflict checking.

Run Productivity & Profitability Reports.

Discover where your time goes! Our time tracking software renders reports that reveal user and customer time activity, helping you better understand where your employees are allocating their time and which customers are earning you the most money.

Track Time From Anywhere.
Employees Track. You Approve.
Sync Approved Entries to QuickBooks.
It’s Easy to Generate Invoices with +Billing.
Time Tracking for Law Firms with +Legal.
Run Productivity & Profitability Reports.



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"I track it. Approve it. Payroll is like ... smooth."
-William S. English

Time Tracker $5 USD per additional user/month + $15 USD base fee/month. 30 Day free trial. No contract. Cancel anytime. 1 Time Tracker includes unlimited clients and free mobile apps.
Time Tracker for ProAdvisors FREE 1 ProAdvisors get a free subscription and earn 40% commission! ProAdvisor clients will also receive a FREE 60 day trial! Check out our website for more ProAdvisor perks!

Live chat support is available Monday to Friday EST, 24 hours per day. Phone support is available from Mon-Thurs from 9am-6pm EST and Friday from 9am-4:30pm EST. Or, attend a free training webinar.


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If I connect Time Tracker to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, what information is synced?
Employees and vendors use Time Tracker to make time entries, which are synced with QuickBooks when the admin approves the entries. Approved hours created in Time Tracker sync back into QuickBooks. Customers, employees, vendors, service items, classes, payroll items, and hours created in QuickBooks all sync into Time Tracker. Learn the specifics of the QuickBooks sync at eBillity.com/quickbooks
Is my data secure with eBillity’s Time Tracker? What happens to my data if I cancel my account?
Data is secured and private with 128-bit encryption and daily backups to an Amazon S3 server with full redundancy. Sensitive customer information stays confidential with role-based access rights. Before you cancel your Time Tracker account be sure to sync your data back to QuickBooks. This way your time and expense data will be saved in QuickBooks and won’t be lost when you cancel.
What if I need help? Do I have to pay for support?
Free support is available for every Time Tracker user, including free trial users! Visit ebillity.com/get-help get instant help via live chat, phone or email. You can also attend free training webinars or take advantage of our popular concierge service to get your account up and running smoothly.
Who uses Time Tracker and how do they use it?
Time Tracker was built for teams. Your employees or vendors enter time from any device or location. Then you (the boss or bookkeeper) approve employee entries for billing or payroll. Avoid duplicate entries, complicated spreadsheets, data loss and errors with Time Tracker. Lawyer-specific features are also available including; trust accounting, ABA billing codes, conflict checker and LEDES invoice format.