Manufacturing software (MRP) featuring multi-level bill of materials automation

Key benefits

  • Complete inventory and manufacturing solution. Receive orders, order missing inventory and manufacture ordered items. Deliver on time and trace your inventory with built-in label generator. Also, enables you to track your LOT numbers and serials.

How it works with QuickBooks

ERPAG covers all main business processes for a small or mid-sized company. In order to complete an accounting side, ERPAG uses QuickBooks integration to synchronize all documents that generate financial and accounting bookings. That means that every Sales Order in ERPAG that is invoiced is available for QuickBooks sync. Also, every Purchase Order that is converted to Supplier Invoice (Bill) will also be synchronized with QuickBooks. ERPAG also pushes inventory levels and quantities when synchronizing with QuickBooks. You can also sync Work Orders from ERPAG to QuickBooks.


Supported transactions:

  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • Work Orders
  • Voided documents
  • Customer returns (Credit Memo)
  • Return to supplier
  • Stock Adjustments


Erpag Inc.

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Start from $49, 2 user accounts included.

Basic $49 2 Database size: 4GB
Standard $79 5 Database size: 10GB
Premium $149 20 Database size: 100GB

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What about security?
We use four redundant server clusters. This means that your data are stored in four different geolocations. Moreover, we provide various in-app tools that help you create custom-made local backups, and all server to client communication is encrypted by using SSL encryption. Last but not the least, ERPAG uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol which enables you to open a new ERPAG account by using your Google or Microsoft credentials, to which we do not have access.
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