Etsy ecommerce data sync into QuickBooks

Automatically sync your Etsy ecommerce data to QuickBooks.

Key benefits

  • Toss the training wheels -Adopt automation, even if it's scary. Get a powerful dashboard with a single view of all your ecommerce operations plus data from all sales channels and apps into one place. Analytics help you make informed decisions
  • Reduce costly mistakes - Webgility records your Etsy marketplace sales transactions and fees, and reconciles those against your settlement statement, automatically. No manual data entry, ever!
  • Sales tax a problem? - Not here. Sales tax compliance is automated. Orders are too. Why give your accountant a pile of receipts to enter when it can be done automatically for $249/month? Bet you pay your accountant more than that.

How it works with QuickBooks

It's built for growth. Webgility accounting automation seamlessly syncs your sales, expenses, fees across all sales channels. It accurately and automatically posts data into QuickBooks from Etsy down to the individual sale, providing financial reports of your entire business for strategic insights.


#1 rated app in Intuit’s ecommerce category, Webgility integrates with 100+ ecommerce platforms, whether Etsy is your only sales channel or you have a three, to manage business across multiple sales channels all from one app. Once you're connected, Webgility will automatically keep track of your orders, inventory, revenue, expenses and fees, products, inventory, and customers across all channels. Grow your business with the extra time you'll have. What would accounting automation mean for your business?

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Basic Plan $249/month (billed annually) 1 Connect to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop (U.S. editions). Sync up to 2 online stores and up to 1,500 orders/month. Need more? Ask us about our Advanced Accounting & Inventory Plans.

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Online support:


How do transactions from my online store post to QuickBooks Online?
Postings to QuickBooks Online can be customized as either individual sales receipts or invoices for each online order. They can also be posted as a daily consolidated batch per sales channel, to reduce data volume into QuickBooks and streamline reconciliation. You can individually customize your store postings.
Can I sync my inventory quantities in QuickBooks Online to my online store to keep my product availability status accurate and up-to-date?
Yes, once products are linked from QuickBooks Online to your online store via Webgility, syncing is possible. Transactions from your online store will sync to QuickBooks, reducing on-hand volume. As you replenish your inventory, you can sync those quantities to your online store either automatically (on a set schedule) or manually (on demand).
How does Webgility handle customer matching with online orders that are posted to QuickBooks Online?
Webgility can be configured on a per-store basis to use a single customer record (like a generic “Online Store Customer” with a fixed set of attributes, including ship-to and bill-to addresses). Or it can match “non-existent” customers to QuickBooks Online using several criteria (like First Name/Last Name or Email Address) to identify them. New customer records can be created if they are not matched to existing customers.