EverythingHR is an integrated cloud-based HR management system.

Key benefits

  • EverythingHR consists of a group of experienced HR professionals that can help your organization drive revenue.  We have Employment and Immigration Attorneys, HR Professionals, Certified Coaches, and Trainers ready to partner with your organization.
  • EverythingHR is a cloud-based HR Management System that will equip you with all the HR essential tools you need to “Hire to Drive Business”.  Today’s recruits and employees demand that employers have technology that will support them.
  • EverythingHR News will provide business owners, HR professionals and managers with the latest employment law news and emerging workplace trends.

How it works with QuickBooks

EverythingHR is designed to assist you with all the tasks you should be doing and simplify the tasks you should not be doing. EverythingHR integrates with QuickBooks Online invoicing, time and activity allowing you to track employee attendance and client billable hours. EverythingHR is not just another HR app, what separates us from our competition is that we have HR professionals on hand to assist you with HR-related tasks and questions.


Are you using spreadsheets or several different HR systems to keep track of your employee data? EverythingHR has a self-serve portal that will allow employees to update their personal information, tax withholding, track and request PTO, pay stubs, W-2’s, benefits, sign-up for training, assessments, access your employee handbook and more.  Best of all you will be able to track absenteeism on your attendance dashboard. Recruits can upload their resumes, assessments, schedule an interview, track the recruitment process, easily convert to an employee, and view an online orientation to complete their onboarding.

EverythingHR is an affordable cloud-based human resource management system for small, medium and large businesses

EverythingHR Annual Subscription Payment $479.88 25 Monthly Price Paid Annually $39.99 Save $60.00 off Annual Small Business Subscriptions for up to 25 employees
EverythingHR Annual Subscription Payment $719.88 50 Monthly Price Paid Annually $59.99 Save $60.00 off Annual Small Business Subscriptions for 26-50 employees
EverythingHR Annual Subscription Payment $959.88 75 Monthly Price Paid Annually $79.99 Save $60.00 off Annual Small Business Subscriptions for 51-75 employees
EverythingHR Annual Subscription Payment $1,199.88 100 Monthly Price Paid Annually $99.99 Save $60.00 off Annual Small Business Subscriptions for 76-100 employees
EverythingHR Annual Subscription Payment 1.00 Unlimited Monthly Price Paid Annually $1.00 Per Employee Save 25% off Annual Large Business Subscriptions for over 100 employees

We understand that not all companies have access to employment and immigration attorneys, or HR professionals, therefore, if you need to talk with an HR professional, simply email, chat or call, and we will respond to your HR-related task or question.


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Are HR services included with the subscription?
Annually you are entitled to a complimentary 30 min consultation.
When should I expect a response regarding my HR related task or question?
Depending on volume and complexity of requests, a full response to your question may take more than 1-2 business days. Please plan ahead when possible and if your need is urgent, contact us by phone at (586) 461-1400.
If I encounter technical problems with the system, who do I contact.
elsc@elshaddaiconsulting.net or call (586) 461-1400