Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter

Intuitive and powerful tool for importing, exporting, and deleting transactions.

Key benefits

  • Use our data grid to preview and edit your data online. Validate pre-uploaded data and map QuickBooks errors post-upload to specific cells. Our templates enable automatic field-level mappings. It's easy to create new entities and adjust date formats.
  • Import multiple files and process them individually. Track progress in the task bar and proceed seamlessly to your next upload. If you exit a session before an upload completes, you can pick up where you left off.
  • Our interactive dashboard gives you many insights into your imports. View reports as graphic charts, and see your entire import history. You can query and delete transactions that have inaccurate data.

How it works with QuickBooks

"Setting up Excel Transactions with QuickBooks is hassle-free and takes almost no time! You will be able to import, export or delete transactions in QuickBooks. It’s really quick and easy. Simply connect to Excel Transactions from QuickBooks and you’re ready to import!"


SaasAnt Excel Transactions lets you import, export, and delete your XLS/XLSX/CSV file transactions easily and quickly in QuickBooks Online, and gives you complete control of the import process.



Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy

30 day free trial, no credit card required.
Plans start at $7.50/month for unlimited imports/exports/deletes.
No contracts for monthly plans.

TRIAL Free 1 For a Single Company, limited to 50 rows per import and 200 total transactions or lists. Best plan to explore App. 30 days free trial.
Single Company $9.99/month
$90/year (26% discount)
2 Unlimited imports/deletes/exports for one QuickBooks company. Best plan for Small Business. Additional 13 users just for $5 per month.
Up to 3 Companies
(Most Popular)
$250/year (16% discount)
2 Unlimited imports/deletes/exports for 3 QuickBooks companies. Additional 13 users just for $5 per month.
Up to 10 Companies $30/month
$300/year (16% discount)
4 Unlimited imports/deletes/exports for 10 QuickBooks companies. Additional 11 users just for $5 per month.
Up to 30 Companies
(Best Value)
$400/year (16% discount)
15 Unlimited imports/deletes/exports for 30 QuickBooks companies. Perfect plan for accountants managing multiple QuickBooks client companies.

We have an extensive and comprehensive wiki with details on imports and related processes in our support site for free. For further queries, you can reach us at support@saasant.com. We will resolve your queries within 2 business days.


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Online support:


Is there any specific template or format for uploading transactions?
We provide sample templates for importing. You can download the template from our support site URL: https://support.saasant.com/support/solutions/articles/14000053004--sample-template-files. Alternatively, users can map their own template’s field in Excel Transactions before uploading.
How is Excel Transactions different from other file importers?
See a feature-by-feature comparison with competitors in the Feature Comparison section on the SaasAnt site: https://saasant.com/app-excel-transactions-quickbooks-online.html#comparesection
Can I undo an import?
Yes, you can always remove your uploaded transactions using Excel Transactions' delete functionality.
Is my data safe with Excel Transactions?
We use Strong SSL to encrypt all requests between your browser and our server. Your import data and QuickBooks Online data are never shared, and are used solely for functional purposes.