FundThrough Invoice Factoring

Transform outstanding invoices into working capital, instantly.

Key benefits

  • Fast Funding - Save time and get the funds you need without the hassle. Sign up online in less than 2 minutes and get approved for funding within 24 hours.
  • Transparent Pricing - You are in control, 100% of the way. You'll always know what price to expect before you fund, you'll only be charged when you choose to take funds, and you can repay at any time to save on fees.
  • Flexible Funding Limits - Your funding options grow alongside your business sales. Whether you start with a funding limit of $500 or $500,000, we have the financing options to help your company continue to grow into the millions.

How it works with QuickBooks

Linking your QBO account to FundThrough is quick and easy. Simply click the 'Get App Now' button to connect.

FundThrough will automatically pull in your eligible invoices so you can start funding with just one click. With instant syncing between QBO and FundThrough, your funding limit will grow alongside your sales (like magic!).


Making payroll, fulfilling new orders, and investing in your business can be difficult when you're constrained by long invoice payment terms. FundThrough's on-demand invoice financing lets you eliminate the wait by transforming your outstanding invoices into working capital, so you can get paid in a day.

Experience a simple and innovative approach to managing receivables that's designed specifically for you, the small business owner.



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FundThrough accounts are FREE.

There are no annual fees or minimums. You only pay fees when you choose to fund your invoices.

Express Invoice Financing 0.5%/week for 12 weeks 1 Advance any number of invoices online, up to a funding limit, and receive funds in your business bank account the next day. Learn more about Express Invoice Financing.
PRO Invoice Factoring Contact sales for custom rate N/A Factor invoices totalling $50,000+ to access working capital at preferred rates. Access to capital is limited only by what you have outstanding in your invoices. Learn more about PRO Invoice Factoring.

FundThrough comes with free customer support via email at or by phone via our toll free number 1-800-766-0460.

1 (800) 766 0460
Online support:


Which invoices are eligible for funding with FundThrough?
QuickBooks Online invoices that are eligible for funding will automatically appear in your FundThrough dashboard. Invoices must be less than 90 days old to be eligible and you can fund any amount up to your assigned limit.
How do you arrive at a funding limit decision?
FundThrough uses your QuickBooks invoicing history to assess your cash flow and provide you with a funding limit that meets your business needs.
How do I reconcile the invoice funding fees inside of QuickBooks?
You can download an account statement directly from your FundThrough account to get instant access to a list of transactions and funding fees.
Does FundThrough offer a partnership program for QuickBooks ProAdvisors?
Yes! We would love to work with you to help your clients succeed. Learn more about our Partner Program here.