Grapes: The Wine App for QuickBooks Online

A Simple Sales Solution for Wine Distributors and Retailers


Track wine profile, characteristics, volume discount and registration info for each wine you sell. Attach labels, tasting summaries and any other documents. Track each sample provided, tastings hosted and track your wine club members too.

Wine Profile Summary

Manage and Report on details about each wine profile. Grapes stores basic information like Bottles/Case and Size,Discounts and Registration information and each of the 12 wine characteristics.

Wine Characteristic Detail

Grapes can report on all the details that make each wine unique. You can create a summary sheet for each of your potential customers that truly defines each wine's profile too.

Designed for Sales Reps by Sales Reps

Grapes was made simple so it could be used anywhere, on any device, at any time. When your team is trying to sell, they need details on which wines they have, how much is on hand and what discounts they can provide their customers based on volume. This is the easiest wine sales tool you'll find.

Tastings, Samples, Wine Clubs

Grapes was designed to handle all the facets of selling in your industry. You can keep track of the outcome of hosted events, manage sample tracking and store wine club member details as well. Combine our tools with estimates and invoicing in QuickBooks Online to manage the entire sales process.

Customize your own system, or call us and we'll help

Grapes was built with unparalleled flexibility for software in your industry. You can add or remove your own tabs, fields and dropdown choices for each module (Profile, Tasting, Samples, Wine Clubs). Each summary screen can have columns added, hidden or removed as well. Upload your logo too.

Wine Profile Summary
Wine Characteristic Detail
Designed for Sales Reps by Sales Reps
Tastings, Samples, Wine Clubs
Customize your own system, or call us and we'll help



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Technical support is included with your subscription. To clarify, technical support is restricted to solving technical issues such as error messages, installation problems, inability to sign into Grapes and concerns over possible system malfunction. Non-technical incidents, such as training, customization, and general how-to questions will be directed to your Grapes Support Representative as a chargeable service.


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What options are available to customize the app?
"Conversation Starters" (from Gear: Edit update page) will walk you through the custom options available in Grapes. You can customize your wine profile information, discounts and registration info and add new tabs and fields too!
Is there more?
Sure, lets chat. Call us at 845-383-3800. We have over twenty years of experience supporting the software needs of wine distributors and have several options for small and large customers all as add-on options for your QuickBooks Online