Data Import Rules and Deleter

Import with real-time validation. Multi-currency and multi-language support.

Key benefits

  • Import Rules and work with bundled (all-in-one) document types like Banking (Expense, Deposit, Transfer etc), Customers (Invoice, Credit Note) and Vendor (Bill, Vendor Credit) to no need split your files for different types
  • Delete Documents and Lists with multiple filters (date, person, entity name, etc)
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support.

How it works with QuickBooks

Simply connect your QuickBooks company and use MS Excel or CSV files to import your data.


Importal DataSync provides flexible way to manage your data through Import Rules to standardize documents from same sources. Import preview real-time validation helps you recognize errors with such entities like persons, accounts, products etc. All wrong data can be simple deleted with Deleter module that provides various filters to find imported data.

Plans start from $10/month (less than $8/month on an annual basis)

Trial Free 1 Single company for 14 days
Basic $10/mo, $95/year N/A Single company
Regular $20/mo, $180/year N/A Up to 5 companies
Ultimate $450/year N/A Up to 30 companies

Online support:


What file formats can I use?
We support MS Excel formats (.xls, xlsx) and .csv.
Do you have file size limit?
No. We provide tool to import files with no size limits.
Can I delete imported data.
Yes. You can delete transactions after import in preview table or use our Deleter module to find transactions based on various filters and delete it.