Infor F9

Excel-based Financial Reporting, Forecasts & Consolidations

Key benefits

  • Unique to F9, live Table and Pivot Table reports are dynamic and calculate with flexible parameters such as Class, Period, Company, and Year. Filter results by columns and drill into pivot rows. Leverage Excel by adding Charts, Slicers, and KPIs.
  • F9 Viewer is an Add-in that enables managers to view, recalculate and drill down into individualized reports on their own, without having to rely on the finance team to provide the information.
  • F9 Report Manager is available as a separate solution to generate and distribute 100’s of reports in one go. Streamline your reporting process by scheduling F9 reports to recalculate on a time or event-driven basis.

How it works with QuickBooks

F9 Dynamically links your general ledger data to Microsoft Excel, and rapidly presents a real-time view of business information with just the push of a button.


Combined with the seamless cloud integration, F9 provides a rich suite of functionality including wizards to create reports, analyze results and drill into more detail. F9 formulas are fast and support filters specific to QuickBooks including Classes and fiscal periods. Share reports to all levels of the finance team. Optional account security is available for role-based access.

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Technical Support Hours of operation are: 7:30am to 4:00pm Pacific Time. Support requests can be submitted on-line or by telephone.


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What skills should I have?
If you are familiar with Excel, you are all set.
What versions are supported?
F9 supports these versions of QuickBooks® Online: Easy Start, Essentials and Plus.
If you also have QuickBooks® Desktop for Windows, F9 is also available for a number of versions.
For more details: F9 for use with QuickBooks
How can I see a running demo?
Download the 30-Day Trial, watch the video or contact sales for a live demo.