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Intuit Data Protect

By Intuit

Secure online backup of your critical business data up to 100 GB


Breathe easy knowing your business investments are protected. Automatically backup your QuickBooks and business documents to a safe online location daily, without interrupting your day. Intuit Data Protect is QuickBooks’ intelligent backup service.

The features you want come standard

The features you want come standard

* Automatic daily online backups of your PC business files * Back up open files even while in use * 100 GB backup capacity gives your business room to grow * Anytime 24/7 data recovery * File versioning up to 45 days * Bank-level data security encryptions and safeguards * Integrated QuickBooks status updates * Free expert help



Support & FAQ

For questions about Intuit Data Protect, please contact us at 800-450-8475


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