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ePonti custom designed for construction service industry. A smooth running office, that’s the ePonti promise. It’s simple to use, secure, integrated with QuickBooks, and share information anywhere, anytime, from multiple devices.

A CRM System For Construction Contractors

Manage your customer contacts with a simple People-friendly CRM system. Link events, work, services and cases (internal communications). The ePonti People Section provides visualization into your Contacts organized by Companies with grouping of their related Contacts or Individually. Opening any Contact there are tabs displaying the various activities, Sales Leads, Quotes, Projects, and Service Requests.

Comprehensive Project Management

List and manage Projects. Add descriptions, updates, and view current status. Include contacts, parts, changes, work orders, purchasing, delivery, punch list and project files.

Client Services

The ePonti Service Request process provides handling requests from a Client noting the information for the Team. When opening a Service Request, like Projects, provides the same functionalities – displaying Notes, Events, Calls, Cases, Parts, Assignments, Purchasing Request, Delivery events, place to store any files, and even Punch Lists for those bigger jobs. One thing more for those Service Request requiring an estimate provided to Client for approve there are Quotes.

Buying Goods and Services

Procurement provides the ability to organize items, utilizing purchase order requests, transfers, returns, including the ability to manage your inventory parts. For every Project, parts need to be acquired; usually the Project Manager begins the Custody Process by creating a Purchase Order Request. This request of Parts will have the Date these would need to be at the Job Site on separate Request based on the Default Vendor and the Parts Lead Time.

Log and Track Hours

Use Timekeeper to enter, submit and confirm work hours for Payroll. Entries are updated and approved before transfer for final approval to be paid.

A CRM System For Construction Contractors
Comprehensive Project Management
Client Services
Buying Goods and Services
Log and Track Hours

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Administrator $75/month, $150/quarter 1 This is the main license which is required by All Accounts. Here this User has access to the Company Profile & Options. They have full control over their Companies information.
Browser $40/month, $81/quarter 2 This is a User that has access to ePonti via a web browser. Their security is limited to what was set on their Profile. They do not have access to Options Section.

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What does ePonti do?
It helps contractors manage their business through true project collaboration. It bridges the gap between sales, project management, purchasing, operations and client services. Real-time access and unprecedented automation of tasks reduces redundancy and keeps everyone up to date.
Who is it for?
ePonti is custom designed for general contractors, specialty trade contractors, and custom install companies. A smooth running office, that’s the ePonti promise. It’s simple to use, secure and requires no software installation or IT infrastructure.
Can I try it first?
Sure. Request a demo to see how you can increase office efficiency in ordering, scheduling, communicating and managing projects, resources and costs.