Automate your lease accounting with LeaseMate

Key benefits

  • Put the spreadsheet away and let our algorithms do the math for you. LeaseMate ensures your lease accounting records are accurate and adhere to the ASC 842 standard. Save a huge amount of time by letting us automate this manual process for you.
  • Know exactly what you're leasing, all of the time. LeaseMate keeps your lease and asset records at your fingertips, putting you in control of your finances and equipment.
  • Take the initiative in end-of-term negotiations and get a better deal from your lessor. LeaseMate will send you a timely reminder when one or more of your leases are close to their end dates. Pay less by upgrading your equipment or premise on-time.

How it works with QuickBooks

Simply enter some basic lease financials and let LeaseMate accurately reflect your new or existing lease in QuickBooks Online. We will create all of the required journal entries and expenses. We even consolidate them too, meaning you can keep track of individual assets without polluting your upcoming expense reports with too much data.

LeaseMate makes certain that your records are as accurate as possible by linking to your suppliers, tax codes, accounts, payment methods, etc. Your expenses will look amazing.


Signing a new lease is an exciting feeling. Whether for a new premise or new equipment, a lease is an investment in your company and it's growth.

Now that you’re on the path to success, let us help you with your accounts. When you enter simple lease financials into LeaseMate we make sure they are correctly recorded in your QuickBooks Online account. Let our knowledge of lease accounting and algorithms reduce hours of work down to a few seconds.

Save yourself time and money and get started today.


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Getting started with LeaseMate is easy and free. We have great value plans available for customers who would like to connect more than 2 QuickBooks Online companies.

FREE FREE N/A Connect up to 2 QuickBooks Online companies.
Premium starting from $29 USD/month N/A Need to connect more companies? LeaseMate has monthly plans starting from just $29 USD/month to get you up and running quickly

Leases can get confusing! That's okay, we're here to help. Once you're logged in to LeaseMate, open a chat with us through Intercom (the floating button in the bottom right of the screen) if you have any problems or questions you'd like answered. If you're not a user yet, feel free to contact us through our support email.

Online support:


What does the new leasing standard mean for my business?
With the new leasing standard in place, businesses will now be expected to place (almost) all of their leases onto their balance sheet as a Right-Of-Use asset and a Lease liability. This differs from the previous approach which allowed many leases to be classified as just an expense. The new standard will mean your businesses books now more accurately reflect it's funding position.
How does LeaseMate interact with QuickBooks Online?
LeaseMate allows you to connect to your QuickBooks Online company and synchronise lease records with your account. This means that LeaseMate will automate the creation of the relevant expenses and journal entries for your lease. Once you confirm your lease and add your assets you can relax whilst LeaseMate does the hard work for you.
Can I enter an existing lease into LeaseMate?
Yes, absolutely. Just enter the lease with a start date of your next lease period alter your payment schedule to include only the payments you have remaining.