Faster Tax Compliance Reporting!


Import QuickBooks accounts to LodgeiT with a single click. LodgeiT will automatically classify account line items, then, generate Special Purpose Financial Statements, create Working Papers & publish tax forms to the ATO via SBR.

Company Tax Return Wizard

Filling a Company Tax Return with a Wizard

Form Status

Use powerful filters to determine the lodgement status of a form or forms.

Individual Tax Return Wizard

View of the ITR preparation interface.

Mapping Accounts

After importing accounts from QuickBooks they need to be mapped to LodgeiT Chart of Accounts to allow automated form filling & SPFR generation.

Automated Activity Statement Calculators

View of some of the extensive range of calculators offered by LodgeiT.

Company Tax Return Wizard
Form Status
Individual Tax Return Wizard
Mapping Accounts
Automated Activity Statement Calculators

Choose from three options.

FREE FREE 1 Lodge Individual Tax Returns & Activity Statements for free. Use depreciation calculators for free. Access document storage for free.
Pay per Lodgement Volume-based 5 Pay per form to lodge any other form-type. Use our dynamic calculator to compute the cost of your requirement.
Tax Agent Pro $250/Mth 5 Unlimited Lodgements & use of all LodgeiT features.

At LodgeiT, we know how daunting tax can be, so we have a team of dedicated, expert support agents, ready to assist you on your lodgement journey.


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How Does LodgeiT interact with the ATO?
Collect your Software Subscription ID from LodgeiT after sign-up, then enter it into ATO Access Manager .
Is my data secure on LodgeiT?
Yes. LodgeiT undergoes stringent security audits by the ATO and all transmitted data is encrypted.
What QBO data is synced with LodgeiT?
For form-filling, Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss data. For practice management, client contact data.