MinuteDock Time Tracking and Time Billing

Time tracking super-powers for QuickBooks + Professional Services

Key benefits

  • Time tracking & billing super-powers for QuickBooks. Powerful time tracking app that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Invoicing & Accounting functionality. MinuteDock takes all the work out of time billing with QuickBooks!
  • Time tracking for Professional Services Firms using QuickBooks Online. Accountants, bookkeepers, consultants, agencies, law firms, contractors, freelancers: MinuteDock is the smartest way for your team to track time for billing or reporting.
  • Time tracking that's easy, natural and FAST. Hate timesheets? Love MinuteDock. It will change the way you think about tracking time! Just type in what you did and for how long, or use the live timer. Switch instantly between tasks and clients.

How it works with QuickBooks

Time tracking invoices sent to your clients from QuickBooks
QuickBooks is great at sending and managing your invoicing process. MinuteDock adds powerful time tracking and billing on top! Generate customizable time billing invoices from your team timesheets, automatically apply your time charging rates and invoice and line formatting. The invoice is synced to QuickBooks for you to approve and send to the client as per normal.

Save time with automatic data syncing
Imports your customers, service items, and accounting ledger from QuickBooks.


Time tracking loved by thousands of professional services businesses worldwide.

Designed for teams or individuals!
Send time to QuickBooks for billing clients.
Stop missing billable hours. MinuteDock makes time tracking easy.
Mobile time tracking is a breeze with MinuteDock. Track time from your iPhone or Android device.
Keep on top of the time you’re spending on clients or projects with powerful reporting. Set budgets and see progress in real time. We put the data you need right at your fingertips, so you can make smarter business decisions.

MinuteDock starts at $19/month. Sign up for our 14 day free trial at MinuteDock.com

Freelancer $19 1 For the one-man band.
Starter $29 2 +$9 per additional user, per month
Small team $49 5 +$9 per additional user, per month
Business $99 10 +$9 per additional user, per month

We're here to help! Just click the "Help" tab from within MinuteDock, or drop us a line on team@minutedock.com.


Online support:


What information does MinuteDock get from my QuickBooks account?
We sync across your QuickBooks customers, employees, services, accounts, and basic company information (business name, etc.). We don't read any banking data. We never delete any QuickBooks data. We create Customers in QuickBooks (if they don't already exist) only when you send time or invoices from MinuteDock.
How does invoicing work with MinuteDock and QuickBooks?
You create a draft invoice in MinuteDock which gets sent across to QuickBooks for approval and sending. Your invoices are sent to your client from QuickBooks and reconciled in QuickBooks as per normal. MinuteDock generates the invoice before sending, and you can customise the lines, formatting, grouping, billing rates, and other options within MinuteDock. MinuteDock adds super-powers to time billing with QuickBooks.
How do my team log in to MinuteDock?
Your company has a MinuteDock account, and each employee gets a login to access it. Once you've set up your MinuteDock account, you can add your team from inside the Account Settings area using just their name and email. Each team member will then be able to set up their own personal login details. Each person gets their own login, but can track time to the same clients and projects. There are options to customize which parts of MinuteDock your team members have access to and what they can do.
Which versions of QuickBooks does MinuteDock integrate with?
MinuteDock works with QuickBooks Online in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India.