Moverbase is powerful moving company software

Key benefits

  • Moverbase makes it simple to export your Moverbase generated invoices and related payment information to QuickBooks.

How it works with QuickBooks

Once you set up the integration, you may initiate the export for a selected period, and Moverbase will notify you when the process is complete. A report of the export process is generated after every request highlighting errors and successful exports. You may test the export by searching for customer name, customer id or invoice number in your QuickBooks company after a successful export.


Moverbase comes packed with all the features you need to operate a moving company. Manage your movers and jobs, quickly respond to leads, send quotes online, invoice clients, collect payments and much more.


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There is No Credit Card or payment information required for the Moverbase FREE account.

Mover Free 0 Unlimited Monthly Jobs Included: 10
Mover Pro $19 USD Unlimited Monthly Jobs Included: 20 ( + $1.99 USD per additional job )
Fleet $99 USD Unlimited Monthly Jobs Included: 100 ( + $1.49 USD per additional job )
Ulimited $299 USD Unlimited Monthly Jobs Included: UNLIMITED

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How do I export invoices with sales taxes?
To export invoices with taxes you must enable Sales Tax in QuickBooks. The export will fail if your QuickBooks company is missing a Tax Rate or a Group of tax rates that have a corresponding component in Moverbase. To solve this, please create missing tax rates and/or tax groups in QuickBooks and retry the export process.