Year-round W-9 Collection & 1099 E-Filing


Payable is year-round W-9 and 1099 management for your vendors. Capture signed W-9s. Generate, deliver, and e-file 1099s. Finally, you can stop calling, pulling, and cajoling vendors for missing tax information.

W-9 Tax Info Automatically Collected

Unshackle yourself from the typical tax time drudgery. Payable’s got you covered. Automatic emails and notifications ensure that tax information gaps get filled. “I hate chasing down W-9s throughout the year. Now, I just let Payable handle it!” -- Jen Fery, Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions

1099 Forms E-Filed & Delivered Seamlessly

Whether your forms need to be printed physically or delivered digitally, Payable has you covered. Click the button to file and Payable handles the rest. The government gets its 1099s e-filed. And, IRS-compliant “Electronic Consent” is captured for each vendor that doesn’t require a physical copy.

Designed for Accountants

It’s not enough for your software to be easy to manage for an individual client. It needs to be easy to manage across all your clients across your entire practice. Your Accountant Dashboard gives you an “At-a-Glance” understanding of which clients need attention. Better yet, Payable gives you the tools to serve them quickly.

Integration with QuickBooks Online

Vendor information is pulled directly from QuickBooks. Payable starts collecting any missing tax information with minimal data entry from you.

Workload Dramatically Reduced - Deliver & File Forms in One Click

Think of all the time that’s wasted printing forms, collecting tax info, and handling corrections. No more! Payable is designed to streamline all aspects of the 1099 Tax Form process.

Avoid the January Crunch!

If you’re still reading this...then what are you waiting for? The January deadlines get closer by the day! Sign up for Payable. Invite your people. Get ahead of tax season. “I was dreading 1099 taxes. But, in the end, it was just a few clicks on our end and BOOM!” -- Jordan Brown, CEO of Lugg

W-9 Tax Info Automatically Collected
1099 Forms E-Filed & Delivered Seamlessly
Designed for Accountants
Integration with QuickBooks Online
Workload Dramatically Reduced - Deliver & File Forms in One Click
Avoid the January Crunch!


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“I hate chasing down W-9s throughout the year. Now, I just let Payable handle it.” — Jen Fery, ProAdvisor, Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions

1099 E-File $1.99 per form 1 1099 form generation, 1099 e-delivery to vendor, and 1099 e-filing with IRS
1099 Physical Delivery $1.99 per form 1 Automatic delivery of printed 1099 form to your vendor.
W-9 Collection $4.99 per form 1 Automatic capture of a digitally signed W-9 from your vendor.

Support is available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm Pacific Time.

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How does Payable help me throughout the year?
Payable collects signed W-9s from vendors/contractors as soon they’re invited. If any information is missed or incorrect, Payable continues to reach out until those issues are resolved. Payable even reaches out periodically to confirm that the information is still accurate. That means you hit January with accurate, ready-to-file information.
Does Payable deliver printed 1099 forms or digital ones?
Payable handles both! When your 1099 recipients sign up for Payable, they choose whether they would like to receive their form in the mail or through electronic delivery. All you need to do is click the button to file. Payable takes care of whether a form needs to be printed or not.
Why should I invite my 1099 recipients to Payable?
Three words: Security, Accuracy, and Compliance. Inviting your recipients to Payable allows them to create a secure, password-protected account where they can digitally sign their W-9s and view their 1099s. They have the ability correct inaccuracies in their tax information. And, you’ll end up with one location that stores all the necessary documentation (W-9s, 1099s, and Corrections) to lower your chance of penalties for filing incorrect forms.
How can I get ahead on the 2016 Tax Season?
Start inviting your recipients to Payable now! Nothing is worse than having a client show up on January 30th with missing W-9s and information gaps. At that point, it’s already too late. By inviting now, you give yourself more time to collect the information you need to make January a breeze!