PrintBoss Online

Simple check printing - multiple bank accounts, one check stock.

Key benefits

  • Print checks from multiple bank accounts onto one check stock. This means lower costs and increased security. Blank check stock (stock with nothing preprinted on its face) costs a fraction of what preprinted checks cost, and unused stock is secure.
  • Mobile check printing means you can print checks from any device, anywhere, including on your phone. If you generate checks, you can hold them until you have access to a printer, or just until you have more time.
  • Approve and sign checks with a tap of a button on your device. Email alerts inform users that checks require their attention. PrintBoss Online is designed to increase efficiency and lower accounts payable processing time.

How it works with QuickBooks

Enter check payments as you normally enter them in QuickBooks Online. Login to PrintBoss Online and execute 3 steps: 1) IMPORT: When you want to print checks, open the PrintBoss Online app and click “Import”. 2) GENERATE: Select individual checks or all imported checks and click on “Generate”. 3) PRINT: When you click on “Print”, all checks that have been generated will be printed to the printer that you select. You can select checks individually if you do not want to print all generated checks. PrintBoss communicates back to QuickBooks so all checks printed by PrintBoss show in QB.


PrintBoss Online prints checks from QuickBooks Online. The magic is that PrintBoss Online also determines the name of the company and the bank account for each check. As a result, you print all of your checks onto blank check stock and the correct company and bank information is printed on every check. This means you have only one check stock for all companies or bank accounts. In addition, PrintBoss Online allows you to manage user permissions to control who can print checks. You can add signatures with approvals to increase security, and you can do it from any device, anywhere. PrintBoss Online saves you money and increases security.

PrintBoss Online is a monthly subscription. Prices are determined by seat bundle per company.

1 User $8 1 For 1 user.
2-4 Users $12 4 Includes 2-4 users.
5-9 Users $16 9 Includes 5-9 users.
10+ Users $20 1000 Includes 10+ users.

Phone and email support is included in all monthly subscriptions.

(636) 527-6100
Online support:


From how many bank accounts can PrintBoss Online print checks?
PrintBoss Online can print checks from an unlimited number of bank accounts.
Can I print checks from multiple QuickBooks Online companies with PrintBoss Online?
Yes! You can add as many QuickBooks Online companies to your PrintBoss Online user account as you'd like. And it's as easy as selecting the company you'd like to print checks from, from a dropdown.
Does PrintBoss Online work with QuickBooks Desktop?
While PrintBoss Online does not currently work with QuickBooks Desktop, we do offer desktop editions of PrintBoss (PrintBoss Select and PrintBoss Enterprise) that do. Visit to learn more and download our free trial.
How do I print a check with PrintBoss Online?
PrintBoss Online imports bills from QuickBooks Online that are set to be paid with checks. PrintBoss matches those incoming bills to the correct bank account information held in PrintBoss. PrintBoss even assigns a check number and passes that number back to QuickBooks Online. You simply click the 'Generate' button in PrintBoss Online and then print the check from any printer.