An interactive org chart that aligns PEOPLE and the organization's ROLES & GOALS

Key benefits

  • PeopleGrid is the smart solution for organizations to easily maintain a comprehensive org chart that highlights key roles and top goals
  • Personnel and the organization's structure upload from QuickBooks Online
  • Photos upload from the popular resource Gravatar
  • Simply drag-n-drop to easily position everyone
  • Users can access and interact with the org chart

How it works with QuickBooks

The Employees, Departments, and Levels data from QuickBooks Online automatically uploads to PeopleGrid to create a professional looking org chart in seconds. Everyone who has ever created or maintained an org chart knows this is a HUGE TIME SAVINGS!!!


THE WHOLE TEAM - include more than just the employed staff
PeopleGrid lets you diagram all components of your organization; including, board members, contract or volunteer staff, strategic partners, showcased customers or beneficiaries, etc. PeopleGrid's automation doesn't limit its customization; it can be tailored to your unique needs.

ROLES & GOALS - clearly communicate who does what and what's most important
PeopleGrid gets everyone on the same page in more ways than one. Display high-level summaries of people's roles and connect the activities of those roles to the organization's mission and priorities.


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Can user access be restricted?
Yes, the app Administrator can grant user permissions for viewing content and using the interaction features.
If we don't use QuickBooks for our payroll can we still use PeopleGrid?
Yes, it can still be an automated, useful tool, but it will require a little more initial setup.
Can we include key people who are not employees?
Yes. For example, volunteer staff can be included or other key people who are not employees. That is, you can include any number or combination of key role players in the following example groups: major donors, strategic partners, important consultants, showcased beneficiary, etc.