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"The integration with QuickBooks let us streamline and run a more efficient business from day one."  
- Stacey Mulicka
  Golden Girls, PPC
"Reduced my payable processing costs by over 75%."  
- Lee Jestings
  Fast Lane Chevron
Pay Your Bills Online with
Now Integrated with QuickBooks Online
Start up instantly - syncs with QuickBooks Online automatically
Manage and track your bills and documents - all in one place
Make payments and reconcile with bills automatically - no double entry
Subscribe by August 6 and get $25 toward your
next phone bill. And the next. And the next!*
Free 30 day trial, cancel any time
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(Expires Aug. 6, 2011):
How to Get Started:
Step 1:   Sign up for a free trial of on Intuit App Center.
Step 2:   Pay your phone bill through
Automatically transfer bills from QuickBooks Online so you can pay them in Or you
can upload them directly. (It's so easy, you will want to pay all your vendors this way.)
Step 3:   Subscribe to and receive a $25 credit on your next
phone bill. And the next, and the next.*
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* Terms and Conditions. This offer is not available to existing customers of and expires 30 days after the last publication date.  This offer is limited to small business customers who sign up for the Accounts Payable service with an Intuit Apps account.  To be eligible, the customer must (1) subscribe to, enter a valid credit card number for billing before the end of the 30-day risk-free trial, (2) enter and verify a bank account for bill payment, and (3) upload a telephone bill or import an existing telephone bill from QuickBooks online, and (4) pay the telephone bill electronically through the service. will then pay $25.00 to the same account at the same telephone provider, which should appear as a credit on the customer’s next monthly telephone bill.  Provided the customer pays all fees when due and otherwise remains in good standing, will pay an additional $25.00 to the same account at the same telephone provider the following month, and a final $25.00 to the same account at the same telephone provider the month after that. This offer cannot be combined with other offers and is void where prohibited by law. Sign up for by August, 6, 2011 to receive this special offer.