Webgility Accounting Automation for Shopify and Qu...

Shopify & QuickBooks ecommerce integration: sync sales & orders automatically

Key benefits

  • Scale: 2,000% order volume increase
    "You cannot truly scale without Webgility” -Dan Wells | Bases Loaded
  • Speed: 50% hours saved
    "It’s simple: you’re gonna save time!" -Alec Avedissian | Rareform
  • Accuracy: 0 human errors
    "It just works!" -Shen Li | Epic Mens

How it works with QuickBooks

Webgility connects 100+ ecommerce stores and systems with QuickBooks. Make QuickBooks your master source for financial insights across channels.



  • Automate data entry.
  • Get true P&Ls for each order, product, channel & more.
  • Save time with bulk tasks.
  • Sync everything with QuickBooks.
  • Manage refunds & cancellations.
  • Comply with changing taxes. Powerful multichannel ecommerce reporting tool
  • Financial Reports - See it all on one dashboard.
  • Customer Reports - Learn more about your biggest fans.
  • START FREE TRIAL. No credit card required.

    Free 15 Day Trial Plan FREE 1 You can try out Webgility free for 15 days, with no risk. No credit card required to sign up.
    Lite Plan $79/month (billed annually) 1 Connect to QuickBooks Online (U.S. editions). Sync up to 5 online sales channels and up to 1,000 orders/month. View profit and loss reports and analyze the performance of each sales channel.

    Unlimited support by email, chat, and phone during business hours.


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    Online support:


    How do transactions from my online store post to QuickBooks Online?
    Postings to QuickBooks Online can be customized as either individual sales receipts or invoices for each online order. They can also be posted as a daily consolidated batch per sales channel, to reduce data volume into QuickBooks and streamline reconciliation. You can individually customize your store postings.
    Can I sync my inventory quantities in QuickBooks Online to my online store to keep my product availability status accurate and up-to-date?
    Yes, once products are linked from QuickBooks Online to Amazon via Webgility, syncing is possible. Transactions from Amazon will sync to QuickBooks, reducing on-hand volume. As you replenish your inventory, you can sync those quantities to Amazon either automatically (on a set schedule) or manually (on demand).
    How does Webgility handle customer matching with online orders that are posted to QuickBooks Online?
    Webgility can be configured on a per-store basis to use a single customer record (like a generic “Amazon Customer” with a fixed set of attributes, including ship-to and bill-to addresses). Or it can match “non-existing” customers to QuickBooks Online using several criteria (like First Name/Last Name or Email Address) to identify them. New customer records can be created if they are not matched to existing customer.
    Do I have to pay extra for support?
    No. All of our plans include technical support via phone, email, and chat. However, there are differences between which tiers of support and onboarding services you have access to, depending on which plan you chose. Additionally, you will have access to our helpdesk, which is filled with hundreds of articles, videos, and guides which can answer almost any question you have about the software.