MoneyThumb SlickConnect

Import PDF and other historical transaction data into QuickBooks Online

Key benefits

  • Avoids data re-entry by importing transactions from PDF Statements or spreadsheet data directly into QuickBooks Online.

How it works with QuickBooks

A powerhouse package of MoneyThumb financial file converters – created especially for the needs of professional QuickBooks advisors who need to convert import transactions from PDF Statements or other sources into QuickBooks Online.


Automatically extracts transactions from PDF Bank and credit card statements and imports transactions from PDF or csv sources into QuickBooks Online


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Monthly or yearly subscription

Yearly $49.95 signup, and $149.95/year 1 Yearly
Monthly $49.95 signup, and14.95/month 1 Monthly, intended for short term use

SlickConnect has a full installer for Windows and Mac OS X, and integrates with QuickBooks Online on current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Customer support is provided via a ticket system that is available online or via email.

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Will the converter read statements from my bank?
SlickConnect is designed to read statements from any bank without needing templates. And it is has been validated with all the major banks.
What about scanned documents?
SlickConnect includes PDF+, the ony OCR processor specifically designed for reading bank and credit card statements.