Senior move manager app

Key benefits

  • Access SMM@pp on a tablet for ease of use and readability. Accurately price jobs with the app open on the job and easily collect digital signatures from clients.
  • Access SMM@pp on your smartphone to easily utilize working estimates onsite. You can have multiple users and multiple jobs in the works.

How it works with QuickBooks

SMM@pp is a web-based system and mobile app built for companies helping clients with downsizing or home relocation needs.


There’s no need to develop your own software or app. SMM@pp is built for your industry. Boost productivity and efficiency.

Agent Fee

One Agent $69.00 / Monthly 1 One Agent
Two Agents $129.00 / Monthly 2 Two Agents
Three Agents $179.00 / Monthly 3 Three Agents
Unlimited Agents $249.00 / Monthly 9999 Unlimited Agents



(573) 406-3259
Online support:


How will my agents benefit from SMM@pp?
Make your team mobile. They will input data for each move in SMM@pp, taking photos in each room and documenting possessions for easy itemization and accurate tracking of time and resources. They will access reports and printing functions from any desktop computer.
How will my clients benefit from SMM@pp?
Take away the guesswork and jumbled notes. Open the job in SMM@pp and scroll through each room with your client. An itemized list of their belongings, complete with photos, will make it easy to review. Add notes and more on the spot and get a signature of approval on the screen.