SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement

Promote Offers, Instant Responses, Generate Orders & 24/7 Customer Engagement

Key benefits

  • Attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. Communicate with customers using one of the fastest and most popular marketing methods.
  • Reach out to all your customers within seconds and track campaign metrics.
  • Automatic replies to customer feedback for frequent questions like business timings, location, etc. you can also add custom question & answers.

How it works with QuickBooks

SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement will automatically imports all your contact details & Products/Services list from QuickBooks. You can send marketing SMS to a group or all of your contacts.


SMS Marketing & Customer Engagement is a powerful tool to keep in touch with your existing customers and attract new customers. Through its simple and user-friendly interface you can send marketing SMS and your customers can directly reply and order your products & services. Setup your custom messages that will be sent automatically based on the customers response even when your representatives are busy.



Terms and Conditions
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All plans have a validity of 28 Days from the day of Subscription .

Basic $9.99 N/A Subscription for up to 500 messages with a validity of 28 days.
Standard $19.99 N/A Subscription for up to 1000 messages with a validity of 28 days. (Any additional usage will cost 1$ for every 100 messages).
Premium $49.99 N/A Subscription for up to 5000 messages with a validity of 28 days. (Any additional usage will cost 1$ for every 100 messages).
Premium Plus $99.99 N/A Subscription for up to 10000 messages with a validity of 28 days. (Any additional usage will cost 1$ for every 100 messages).
Customised Variable N/A We deliver customised solutions for any special requirements, please contact

Our support team always strives to provide assistance. We offer telephonic support from Monday - Friday PST(9 AM-5 PM).

+1 (408) 508-9959
Online support:


How Does Quick Replies Work?
It's simple and easy, you have to indicate the consumer that he can reply to the promotional SMS by adding something like "Please Respond Show Menu to see our Products'. when someone replies with the word "Show Menu" or the message contains the word "Menu" our Agent will automatically send a response with the details of items list in your QuickBooks Services & Products Page.
How many Questions can I add using Automatic Replies Feature?
Our Agent is by default designed to reply to basic questions like Time, Address of the store, Sending Menu(List of Products & Services). However, you can customize and add any number of Quick Replies using our Question & Answers page in the App.
How do the Customer know that they can reply to the SMS?
Simply add a line to your message asking the customers to reply with "Show Menu" to receive? the List of Products & Services (OR) Reply "Order Followed by the Item Name" to order from us (OR) Reply "Time" to know our Timings, etc.
How do I know the status of my campaign?
Our app displays the last 5 Campaigns run with date, time and preview of the message sent. However, you will always receive a mail with the details & status of the Campaign.