SOS Inventory

Inventory, order management, and manufacturing for QuickBooks Online.

Key benefits

  • Need better inventory, order management, and manufacturing than you get with QuickBooks Online? Get sales orders, assemblies, serial inventory, multiple locations and more, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems.
  • Integration with Shopify, ShipStation, UPS, PayPal, and more allows for quick and seamless processing of orders. Use automated order processing to create automatic shipments, set priorities, notify workers, or anything else that suits you.
  • Reports allow you to understand what you have, where it is, and what you need to order. Alerts can email or text you when your attention is needed. With SOS Inventory, you'll be organized and efficient.

How it works with QuickBooks

SOS Inventory’s most compelling feature is its tight integration with QuickBooks Online. We specialize in QuickBooks Online. It’s not an afterthought for us. Our software is built for QuickBooks Online from the ground up. We know what is possible with QuickBooks Online and what is not, and we’ve built our software to save you time and money by reducing duplicate data entry. The time (and thus money) that your staff saves by using our software goes directly to your bottom line.


SOS Inventory offers a complete inventory, order management, and manufacturing solution. We've got you covered through the entire lifecycle. Converting raw materials into finished goods and tracking work-in-progress is a snap. You'll be able to track serial numbers and lots/batches, and sync them to QuickBooks Online! Have multiple locations? SOS will allow you to receive into, ship out of, and transfer stock among them. You can set customer-unique pricing and vendor-specific costs, add custom fields to track your unique data, and much more. We can handle almost any type of workflow. Try it'll be glad you did.

14 day free trial. No credit card required for the trial. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

Companion USD $39.95 per month + USD $15 per user per month over plan limit 2 Basic inventory tracking. Adds sales orders, assemblies, FIFO, partial receiving, partial fulfillment, packing slips and more to what is offered by QuickBooks Online.
Plus USD $79.95 per month + USD $15 per user per month over plan limit 3 Most popular plan. All the benefits of the Companion plan plus serial number tracking, lot tracking, unlimited locations, barcoding, and much more.
Pro USD $119.95 per month + USD $15 per user per month over plan limit 5 All the benefits of the Plus plan, and also includes work-in-progress (WIP) tracking, job costing, landed costs, customer portal and more.

We are fanatical about helping you manage your business. We go above and beyond to meet your needs and to make you successful. All plans include email support all the time -- even evenings and weekends. Phone support is also available with the Plus and Pro plans. We’re always happy to provide a demo of the product – just let us know what is convenient for you, and we’ll set something up.

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What does SOS Inventory offer that QuickBooks Online does not?
SOS Inventory handles all aspects of inventory management, order management, and manufacturing. Some specific additions to QuickBooks Online include sales orders, partial fulfillment/invoicing, price tiers, automated order processing, order assignment, CSV order imports, vendor-item catalog, vendor returns, drop-shipping, barcoding, serial/lot/batch tracking, units of measure, multiple locations, multi-level bills of material, work-in-progress, disassembly, job tracking, work orders and more...
How does SOS Inventory integrate with QuickBooks Online?
SOS Inventory synchronizes data between your QuickBooks Online account and SOS Inventory. The data exchange takes place behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about importing and exporting data manually. You can configure SOS to sync bi-directionally with QuickBooks Online, or you can choose to send data only from QuickBooks to SOS or vice-versa.
Do you support _____ feature?
For more information on the features that we support, please visit our website at or email us at