Spotlight Reporting

Advanced Reporting, Consolidation, Forecasting and Budgeting

Key benefits

  • Performance reporting: Display complex data in an attractive and easy to understand management reports with extensive chart gallery and chart customisation options, providing intelligent insight into the financial position of your business.
  • Save time and effort: Our consolidation feature with multi-currency ability enables accounting firms, franchise and multi-entity businesses save time on monthly reporting and gain a comprehensive view of the group's performance.
  • Budgets and forecasts: Committing numbers to paper and mapping out a future helps increase the chance for success. Our three-way cash flow forecasting, budgeting and scenario testing tool will enable you to prepare ‘Bank’ grade forecasts.

How it works with QuickBooks

Unleash the power of our Spotlight and QuickBooks integration. Seamlessly import your data from Quickbooks Online & Desktop versions to create powerful reports, dashboards, forecasts and multi-entity reporting. Layer this with data, financial and non-financial, from sources such as Excel, Google Analytics to give you a 360 degree view. We are dedicated to support your advisory journey with a customer success specialist, world-class training from our industry-experienced team and supported by thought leadership resources. Your success matters to us and we partner with the best firms.


Built for accountants, Spotlight Reporting has been designed by accountants with decades of experience in advisory and consultancy. For accountants and businesses wanting reporting that delivers deeper insight and clarity for better decision making, there are no better reporting solutions available. Whether you operate in a vibrant busy small business, an accounting firm with a fast-growing client base or a business that delivers regular Board packs, Spotlight has an award-winning range of time-saving features available to you. We help you quickly create reports, run them on-demand and instantly share with your client or team.

Flexible pricing plans for Accounting firms and Businesses including Franchise & Not For Profits. We have a free 28 day trial available via our website. Credit card is required.

Business $25 per month N/A For a single company. This plan is designed for single entity businesses. Includes full access to Reporting, Dashboard and Forecasting. Add additional companies for $25 per month.
Business 20 $250 per month N/A For up to 20 companies. This plan is designed for multi-entity businesses. Includes full access to Reporting, Dashboard and Forecasting. Add additional companies for $12.50 per month.
Super VCFO 50 $495 per month N/A Add up to 50 client companies into our 'most popular' plan. Perfect for firms looking to scale fast. Includes Reporting, Forecasting and Dashboard products, one monthly price, unlimited users, customer success, training and priority support.
Super VCFO 150 $995 per month N/A Add up to 150 client companies by upgrading your Super VCFO plan
Franchise & Not-For-Profit $250 per month N/A For up to 20 companies + Head Office. Our specialist Multi tool allows you to aggregate, rank and benchmark up to 500 entities. Add additional entities for $5 per month.

We offer 24-hour support by email or by visiting our Help Centre for training videos, FAQs and more.

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What type of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX .
Do you have an option for Power Users looking to scale fast?
Yes, we offer an all-inclusive advisory partner program including bundled access to our Reporting, Forecasting and Dashboard apps on one easy pricing plan, access to our Partner Success resources, world-class product training and priority support.
What non-financial integrations does Spotlight tools have?
Spotlight tools also integrate with Excel and Google Analytics.
Is there a minimum subscription term?
For individual plans, you can cancel at any time. Our Super VCFO plans may have a minimum subscription term applied, check your terms and conditions for details.