Easy Business Intelligence


Keep your CEO up to date and eliminate hours of reporting meetings.
Startegy connects to QuickBooks Online and provides real-time analysis of your financial data.

True business intelligence

View real-time performance, track trends, and see how your business is growing.

Simple, powerful analytics

Project your sales and expenses to see exactly where your business will end up. Easily test your decisions and see how they will affect your finances.

Receive CFO guidance

Expert advice, accessible for anyone.

Our automated system gives you actionable advice for financial planning, risk management, and decision making. Skip hiring a CFO, which is usually too expensive for small businesses anyway.

True business intelligence
Simple, powerful analytics
Receive CFO guidance



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Effortlessly pull your QuickBooks information into Startegy's business intelligence solution.

Monthly $200/month 1 Business intelligence for financial decisions.

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Is my data secure?
Very. Your data is protected in transit by a 256 bit encryption (bank level encryption) and is stored on high-security 3rd party servers. We regularly verify that the secure nature of the site is maintained.
What QuickBooks data is synced with Startegy?
Startegy syncs with you company historicals to provide a baseline for constructing your forecast. Startegy also pulls relevant data to be able to assist in the setup of your forecast.
How do I begin?
Select "Learn More." Request a 30 minute demo today.