StatX mobile dashboard

Mobile dashboards with alerts for QuickBooks Online and Excel


Simply connect StatX to QuickBooks Online on your phone and you will instantly see beautiful, auto-refreshed, mobile dashboards showing cash flow, P&L, Sales, A/R, A/P. Share immediately with clients. Changes are sent instantly as push notifications.

Visual mobile dashboards with push notifications

StatX is a native mobile iOS and Android app that presents beautiful visual dashboards that are easy to consume and share. And you get convenient push notifications when anything changes.

Get financials from QuickBooks Online

Connect to QuickBooks Online securely and directly from your mobile phone. Choose from a growing set of connectors - Cash Flow, P&L, Receivables etc.

Quickly configure connectors

Select which line items you want from your Cash Flow, P&L, Receivables and other reports. Focus on just the critical items that are most important.

Always be in the know with push notifications

StatX automatically keeps financials updated with continuous refresh from QuickBooks Online. Get automated push notifications when anything changes. Get alerts when values cross Red/Yellow/Green thresholds. See historical trends and audit log for any numbers.

Share Privately

Easily invite group members from your finance team or client to share key financials. They see the same live information and get push notifications. Each member can configure their notification settings.

Simple mobile workflows

Co-ordinate collections progress, set up AP approval steps, audit checklists easily on mobile with any group. Simply create a stat to visually and succinctly represent your steps, checklist, approval etc. Tap and update easily on mobile and keep everyone in sync. Get rid of long-winded emails and text messaging.

Visual mobile dashboards with push notifications
Get financials from QuickBooks Online
Quickly configure connectors
Always be in the know with push notifications
Share Privately
Simple mobile workflows


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Install StatX app for free, no commitment, no credit card needed, invite any number of clients. Use free tier forever, or enjoy 1-month full free trial for any paid plan.

Free $0 1 3 non-premium connectors, collaborate with 10 users
Pro $10/user/month, paid annually 1 10 connectors including premium (QuickBooks Online), collaborate with 100 users
Business $20/user/month, paid annually 1 20 connectors including premium (QuickBooks Online), collaborate with 200 users


Online support:


How do I get StatX?
StatX is a native mobile iOS and Android app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Simply search for "statx" or visit and click on the download app link
How is the connection to QuickBooks Online made?
The connection is entirely in the mobile app. You can connect to any number of the client accounts that QuickBooks Online provides you access to. You simply configure a connector and StatX periodically fetches financials from QuickBooks Online in a beautiful mobile dashboard.
Is my QuickBooks data secure?
StatX is a secure mobile app and SaaS service that takes industry standard security measures to protect your data. StatX access to Your Data is protected by the StatX Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, available on the web site. Your QuickBooks authorization for StatX is done using industry standard OAuth authentication and follows the guidelines prescribed by Intuit.
How do I share data with my clients?
Simply tap "Add member" and provide their mobile number inside the group that shows your client's financials fed via the connector. They will receive an SMS from StatX to install the app and will immediately see their financials in the group you shared. Each client data is isolated by separate invitation to their group alone.