TriNet Expense

Online and mobile expense management for companies of all sizes


TriNet Expense (formerly ExpenseCloud) offers online & mobile expense management for companies of all sizes; including credit card import, receipt management, online approval, expense policy enforcement, company analytics and QuickBooks integration.

Seamless Export to QuickBooks Online & Desktop

Export employee expense reports into QuickBooks, eliminating manual entry and making sure employees are properly reimbursed. Setting up the integrations takes less than a few minutes. Once connected, you can synchronize your employees, clients and vendors, chart of accounts, classes, accounts payables, etc. TriNet Expense even supports sending both reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses (typically corporate cards) from the same expense report into QuickBooks as separate entries.

Mobile Expense Applications

Choose from our iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android mobile applications to log cash expenditures, snap pictures of receipts or edit existing expenses. Our mobile phone solution will allow you to edit existing expenses, like changing the merchant name, adding project information or adding a receipt image.

Track Billable QuickBooks Customers & Jobs Per Expense

TriNet Expense supports importing all QuickBooks's Customer & Jobs, allowing every employee to select these fields for each expense entry. Once exported, any billable expense in TriNet Expense will be displayed as billable in QuickBooks which allows users to create invoices easily.

Manage Online Approvals & Expense Policies

TriNet Expense supports a multi-step, configurable approval process. Just enter in a valid email address of the approver and we'll notify the user to log into their TriNet Expense account to approve the expense report. We will also send a PDF copy of the report with the receipt images to approver. You can also create company- wide expense policies that will inform users when a report is in violation of the company policy.

Be Green and Eliminate Paper Receipts

Scan, email, or snap pictures of receipts when using our mobile phone application. You will never have to worry about carrying a wad of receipts in your wallet again.

Auto-Import Expenses From 11,000 Credit and Bank Cards

Choose from 11,000 credit and debit cards, downloaded securely every day. Best of all, our technology will categorize and display the expense properly for your expense report or client invoice. Users will be able to edit the downloaded expenses, or add other data about the expense like Client ID, Attendees, Customer, Job, Tag, Notes & Mileage information.

Seamless Export to QuickBooks Online & Desktop
Mobile Expense Applications
Track Billable QuickBooks Customers & Jobs Per Expense
Manage Online Approvals & Expense Policies
Be Green and Eliminate Paper Receipts
Auto-Import Expenses From 11,000 Credit and Bank Cards

Free 14 day trial. Prices start at $10.00 per user monthly.

Startup $10/month 9 Startup plan is $10 per user/month for 1-9 users.
Team $9/month 24 Team plan is $9 per user/month for 10-24 users.
Corporate $8/month 249 Corporate plan is $8 per user/month for 25+ users.
Enterprise Contact 250 Please contact for the enterprise plan. The enterprise plan is for companies who have 250+ users per month.

Support is available anytime of the day through or on our support forums at


Online support:


Is submitting and approving expense reports throughout my company really free?
Currently, anyone in the company can sign up, submit or approve expense reports throughout the entire company for FREE. You will only need a paid subscription to export to QuickBooks or to use the additional premium features we offer.
What kind of commitment am I making? Does it require any hardware/software?
We offer both monthly and yearly plans. No setup fees or additional hardware/software is required. Just a computer with the most recent version of a leading web browser. (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari)
How can I get my expenses into TriNet Expense?
For starters, expenses can be imported nightly through the 11,000 credit cards and bank cards we support. You can always manually add an expense from the website or from our Android, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry applications.
Can I import my QuickBook Chart of Accounts into TriNet Expense?
Yes! TriNet Expense allows you to import your existing Chart of Account expense categories. We even have a mapping tool where you can match TriNet Expense categories with the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. The categories will be matched properly when you export the expense report to QuickBooks. TriNet Expense supports QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.