Viberent Rental Management System

Viberent Rental Management System for Equipment Rentals


Viberent Rental Management System for SME rental businesses all over the world. Viberent is used by hundreds of rental companies all over the world from simple party rental companies to large machinery rental companies.

Quote Entry

Viberent allows you to create quotes for customers and email to your customers. Customers can accept the quote online and also pay for it using Viberent's payment gateway. Users can create template quotes and clone for different customers. Viberent can show you the effectiveness of your quotes.

Check Stock Availaiblity

Users can check stock availability by stock categories. At any time a user can check stock availability before preparing quotes or rentals. Simply select the Category and select the month for which you wish to check availability. If you have images uploaded with your inventory, the system will show the image as well.

Quote Entry
Check Stock Availaiblity



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When do we use serial numbers and bulk Items ?
Serial numbers are normally used when you have a finite number of units associated with your rental items of one type. For example, if you have 10 lawn mowers of the same make and model available for rent, then you will set up one item in QuickBooks and Viberent and 10 serial numbers associated with that lawn mower in Viberent using Inventory – Item Stock Details menu. For each of the 10 lawn mowers, you will enter its respective serial number.