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Online payroll software backed by the world's friendliest team and trusted by 1000's of small businesses just like you.

Pay your employees and the CRA in a few simple steps

Wagepoint can handle both hourly and salaried employees or independent contractors. Pay them via direct deposit, and all CRA / WSIB remittances are paid out on your behalf.

No more cheques for your employees or the CRA

Wagepoint is fully-automated payroll software. All source deductions are automatically remitted to the CRA / Revenu Quebec based on your remittance schedule, and the net pay is directly deposited into your employees bank accounts.

Workers Compensation / WSIB remittances

Assign your company's provincial workers compensation rate to all applicable employees and have Wagepoint automatically remit workers compensation on your behalf. We also provide the payroll report so that you can complete your Workers Compensation reporting accurately.

Export payroll transactions into QuickBooks Online

Wagepoint is fully-integrated with QuickBooks Online so that you don't ever have to track another payroll transaction manually! Import payroll details as a bill or journal entries by paygroup and paycycle dates.

Pay your employees and the CRA in a few simple steps
No more cheques for your employees or the CRA
Workers Compensation / WSIB remittances
Export payroll transactions into QuickBooks Online



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All the features you need for one simple price.

One simple plan ($20 base fee + $2 per employee) per payroll 500 No set up fees, no year-end fees, and definitely no contracts. Everything you need is included in the price - direct deposits, CRA / WSIB remittances, T4s / T4As and more.

You can reach our world-class support team online, via support tickets or by calling our toll-free phone line anytime between 8am-5pm EST.


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Can I hire employees in any province and pay them using Wagepoint?
You absolutely can! Our software works across all Canadian provinces, including Quebec. We take care of your government and WSIB/CSST remittances.
Can I hire and pay contractors using Wagepoint?
Yup! We directly deposit their pay cheque into their bank account, and at the end of the year, we provide you with their T4As as well.
Are all the features really included in one simple plan?
We believe in simple, transparent pricing, so yes, everything we offer is included in our one simple plan. Direct deposits, CRA/WSIB remittances, year-end reports, ROEs, and more.